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Best Training Programs

We offer the best environment for all our cheerleading students – whether they cheer for fitness, for fun or for competitive purposes.

Life Lessons

At Cheer Aspirations, our cheerleaders are nurtured with positivity to bring home confidence, discipline, mental resilience and creativity. Good cheerleaders is not just about performing well, it’s about having teamwork, focus and commitment.

We Coach Everyone

Whether you’re looking to form a brand new team, to grow an entire school program, we have many success stories to show for it.

A Competitive Edge

Our support extends to everything from creating world class routines, to helping select music and everything else you will need to stand out from the competition.

Cheerleading Opportunities

We invite talented individuals to join our professional in-house team, C.A. Awesome. You really know our training programs are the best when our cheerleaders represent the country and rank internationally – something we are proud to say, happens to our cheerleaders quite a lot.

WHY Cheer Aspirations?

A Proven Track Record

  • Collectively, our cheerleaders have amassed over 110 national, and 75 international titles since Cheer Aspirations was formed.
  • Our directors bring a wealth of experience to the table, having coached the Malaysian National Team for six years in total.
  • Our team includes top-level coaches who have judged internationally, including the World Championships and other competitions around Asia, Australia and the US.
  • As committee members of the national governing body (CHARM), our directors keep a close pulse on, and play an active role in developing the sport locally.

Our Commitment To Safety

  • We only work with certified and qualified coaches.
  • Safety is our top priority – all head coaches are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Registration with the Cheerleading Association & Register of Malaysia (CHARM) is a pre-requisite for all our coaches.
  • Our coaches ensure proper skill progression as a precaution against injury, by following annual plans and practice plans.
  • All our coaches undergo a specialised training course that includes
    extensive theoretical and practical trainings.
  • We conduct ongoing assessments to ensure we deliver consistency and quality in our coaching services.
  • We enforce the strict use of safety mats during all training sessions conducted by our coaches.

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what the others say

“All these while, I find that their coaches are systematic and passionate in their teaching skills.“ - Mike Ng, Owner and CEO, Total Gymnastique

“I congratulate the coaches of Cheer Aspirations, great job and well done in helping our school teams do remarkably well in cheerleading at national level ever since they were engaged to coach our girls from 2010. Our Cyrens team winning national champions for 6 consecutive years speaks for itself. Before Cheer Aspirations came in, our team was ranked 21st place. All these while, I find that their coaches are systematic and passionate in their teaching skills. Punctuality, safety awareness and discipline is consistent in their coaching style. Keep it up and spread the sport of cheerleading to higher levels.”

Mike Ng

Owner and CEO, Total Gymnastique

“I have seen the personal growth of my students under the guidance of the coaches.“ - Datin Vivian, Cheerleading Teacher Advisor, Catholic High School

“Cheer Aspirations’ team of dedicated coaches have taken over the training of our team from 2009 until now. Since then, we have consistently been amongst the top 5 ranking teams in national and international cheerleading competitions, namely CHEER, the CHARM Cheerleading Championships and the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championships. This underlines the excellent training regime and experience of the coaches.

Moreover, they have helped showcase cheerleading to our school and at national and international levels- helping to expand our school team into 3 teams, each of which has an excellent track record. In addition, I have seen the personal growth of my students under the guidance of the coaches. They have instilled a strong sense of discipline and commitment in my students, setting them apart from the rest. Moreover, my students have learnt good management and leadership skills, helping them prepare for the real world.”

Datin Vivian

Cheerleading Teacher Advisor, Catholic High School

“ I truly believe that the company and coaches can do a lot to improve any given team if given the opportunity “ - Christina Chan, Former Cheerleading Teacher Advisor, SMK (P) Sri Aman

“I have worked with the coaches from Cheer Aspirations from 2009 right up till 2012, when I was the teacher advisor for team D*Starz from SMK (P) Sri Aman. My experience with the coaches has always been a pleasure, as we endeavoured to work together to improve the team and to help the team to strive for higher accolades. It took us a while to learn to adjust to one another’s work style and pace, but once we got it, it was a smooth working relationship.

The team, D*Starz, has grown from strength to strength in the time that Cheer Aspirations has coached them. The coaches have been nothing but professional in handling the team of teenage girls from their skills training to encouraging leadership roles and teamwork. They have nurtured the team as a team, and as individual members. I truly believe that the company and coaches can do a lot to improve any given team if given the opportunity.”

Christina Chan

Former Cheerleading Teacher Advisor, SMK (P) Sri Aman

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