Once cheerleaders know how important a pair of quality cheerleading shoes is, they will be ready and excited to head out and get their first pair of shoes! However, how do cheerleaders decide which brand and model to get amongst the many choices out there? So many sports companies are making cheer shoes that promise higher jumps, springier tumbling, more precise stunting and more!

There is no one best brand or model, but more of which cheer shoes best suits your needs! Let’s consider the key factors to help you decide on the perfect cheer shoes for you!


Positions Matter

Cheerleading has different roles for different members of the team. The different roles of cheerleading are flyers, bases and spotters. Flyers, the ones who are being lifted in the air need shoes that have finger grooves for the bases to grip properly. Therefore, shoes like Nfinity Vengeance and Chasse Apex provide lightweight and smooth outsole that reduce discomfort for the bases while gripping them.

Bases and spotters are the ones who lift and catch the flyers in the stunt. As they are mainly on the performance surface, sturdy heel support is important for them. Kaepa Cheerful is a great option for bases and spotters alike. With additional stability, durability, and traction, Kaepa Cheerful has a full rubber outsole. Bases will have no worries being a solid and firm foundation for their flyers!

If a cheerleader has multiple tumbling passes in the routine, a more lightweight and durable pair of shoes is needed to withstand the pressure and impact of intense tumbling passes. Kaepa Stellarlyte and Nfinity Evolution shoes are recommended as they are performance oriented and designed for competitive teams. These shoes are also designed with a springy surface that helps cheerleaders’ jumps and tumbling get even more height and bounce!


Indoor or Outdoor?

While most competitions and performances are done indoors, cheerleaders should take note whether the shoes are made for indoors or outdoors. Cheer shoes designed to be used outdoors will typically have more tread allowing for firmer traction on the grass as compared to indoor shoes. Cheer shoes designed to be used on cheer mats or indoors will have different treads on them.

Some shoes are designed to crossover as indoor and outdoor cheerleading shoes, such as the Asics Women’s Cheer 7 Shoe. These shoes are very versatile and even suitable for other sports activities like jogging and gym workouts. This is good news for those who want to wear your cheer shoes besides cheer practices and performances!


What about male cheerleaders?

For male cheerleaders, the choices of shoes suitable for cheerleading are not as extensive as for females. However, many sports shoes that provide similar support and durability are great alternatives to specialized cheer shoes. One of the great choices is the Nike Dart 12 Running Shoes, which also has the similar sleek design that most female cheer shoes have. Another good news is that most male cheerleaders are bases, spotters or tumblers so they do not need to have shoes with finger grooves like the ones for flyers.

This is just a quick glance of the various cheer shoes available in the market. Just remember different shoes have different advantages that suit a cheerleader’s specific needs.

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